NUSPsyche 1st EXCO!

while it isn’t always good to present information in jumbled chronological order, but the Interim Committee of NUSPsyche is eager to present to you the 1st Executive Committee of NUS Psychology Society.

The Internal Elections was completed on Tue early morning under the supervision of the Election Officer Mr Rayner Goh. Members of the outgoing Interim Committee and the newly elected 1st Exco convened to exercise their votes to elect the best candidate to the respective post.

Please allow me to present to you the 1st Exco of NUSPsyche!

(Standing: Darren Yeo, Foo Yongyun, Kwek Cohui, Anna Wong, Yeo Kwee Ting, Quah Soo Li)
(Kneeling: Sharon Dickman, Cheryl Lee)

President: iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Quah Soo Li
Vice President: iiiiiiiiii Cheryl Lee
Hon Gen Sec: iiiiiiiiiiii Foo Yongyun
Asst Hon Gen Sec: iiii Sharon Dickman
Hon Treasurer: iiiiiiiiiii Darren Yeo
Business Director: iiiii Kwek Cohui
Publicity Director: iiiiii Yeo Kwee Ting
Welfare Director: iiiiiiii Anna Wong

Please return for more updates!


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