Contact Us


We can be reached by the following address:
NUS Psychology Society,
Department of Psychology,
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences,
National University of Singapore,
Block AS4 #02-07, 9 Arts Link,
Singapore 117570


You can also send an email to and we will try to get back to you as soon as we can.

NUSPsyche 4th Executive Committee for Academic year 09/10

President Wang Xiuxuan Penelope
Vice President Ng Wei Jie Jeric
Honorary General Secretary Xiong Lingxi
Asst. Honorary General Secretary Aw Shi Yi Sherry
Honorary Treasurer Tan Wee Tong Kenny
Directors for Academics Annabel Koh Shi Min
Soh Shi Min Eileen
Directors for Publicity John Rafael P. Perez
Zhang Yonghuang Daniel
Director for Public Relations Yang Zi Jun Wynne
Directors for Welfare Ang Ei Lin Elaine
Choy Tze Wei
Lee Gao Min

From left to right
Standing: John and Yongyun
2nd row: Tze Wei, Kenny, Daniel, Elaine, Gao Min, Jeric
1st row, Lingxi, Annabel, Sherry, Wynne, Eileen, Penelope


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