Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. For how long will my membership be valid?

Membership will expire 2 weeks after the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in the next academic year, regardless of when you sign up. i.e. membership in yr 09/10 will expire 2 weeks after the AGM in the following academic year 10/11 .

Thus it will greatly benefit you to sign up as early as possible in the semester!

Q2. How much is the membership fee?

The membership fee currently stands at $5.00 for new members and $3.00 for re-newing members.

Q3. How and when can I register as a member?

The society usually holds a recruitment drive once every academic year. During the recruitment drive, you can sign up to become a NUSPsyche member.

The recruiment drive for this academic year 09/10 will be from 14th – 16th October. If you are unable to make it, or have missed the recruitment drive, you can contact us at for alternative options.

Q4. Will I get CCA points if I sign up as a member?

CCA points are awarded on an event basis, you will need to take part in organizing events to accumulate points. We regret that you will not gain points just by signing up as a member.

This year, our society hopes to involve our members in organising committees for various events. So do keep a lookout if you are interested!

In addition, we also welcome our members to propose and spearhead events for the society. For more information, please contact

Q5. Does NUSPsyche take care of the welfare of non-members too?

We warmly welcome everyone to any event we organize, regardless of membership! =)


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