NUSPsyche Event: 25th Jan 2007

APA Writing Skills Workshop

Date: 25 January 2007 (Thursday)
Venue: LT14
Time: 6.30pm – 8pm
Cost: FREE!


Journal of APA

National University of Singapore


Are you wondering what on earth is APA, have problems producing good journals or think the professor in front is talking Greek? Fret not! We have exactly the right journal for you to get started!

This introductory workshop organized by NUS Psychology Society will teach you all the basic requirements for writing psychology papers – APA Style!

Dr Eddie Tong Mun Wai is an Assistant professor at the Psychology Department in NUS, whose interest revolves around the processes between emotion and cognition. He is currently the lecturer of PL3238 Social Cognition and PL4207 Social Psychology: Theories and Methods.



All NUSPsyche Members (especially the year ones)


Register at the NUSPsyche board along AS6 Walkway between the 15th to 19th January 2007. Simply fill in your particulars on the form pinned up at the NUSPsyche board.

Workshop details:

Date: 25th January 2007 (Thursday)

Venue: AS6 02-14
Time: 1830-2000
Cost: FREE!


Almost all psychological research based journals are produced based on a format proposed in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA). Equip yourself with the essential tools of writing good journals in APA format so as to enhance your research skills much needed in your course of study.


Limited Vacancies! Sign up now or live to regret it…….


If you have any enquiries, feel free to email Anna at or


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