APA Writing Skills Workshop- A review

Written by Zhaoxiu
Edited by Farah

Ask any Psychology student what it is they fear, and more likely than not, you would get a unanimous answer, ‘the APA report format’. Unfortunately, all Psychology majors are required to do at least one APA report. Report writing is part and parcel of the psych undergrad’s career, which is probably why many turned up for the APA Writing Skills Workshop organized by NUSPsyche on Thursday, 25th January 2007.

The workshop, conducted by Dr Eddie Tong received students from first years to third years. For the year-ones, it was a useful introduction to psychological report writing while the year-twos and year-threes had a valuable revision as Dr Tong pointed out common mistakes made by students, and gave tips on improving their writing skills. The notes and sample manuscript prepared by Dr Tong will definitely serve as an invaluable source for future references.

On the whole, the workshop was short and sweet. It was no frills. While it might seem a bit too brief and lacking depth for some, I personally feel that it was sufficient. Think of it as being like this: the workshop provided us with the basic tools for APA report writing. The rest is pretty much up to us.

As Dr Tong aptly advices, practiceinfinity.


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