Written by Aifung
Edited by Karina

“Psych camp? There’s a psych camp?” These were one of the many questions people asked me when I told them I was going for what many would call, “The Psych camp” (of course, also officially known as the NUS Pyschology Society Freshman Orientation Camp).

I have to admit that I was quite reluctant to go for psych camp
because it was one day after arts camp. The fatigue was simply overwhelming. However, upon dragging myself to psych camp, I haven’t looked back since. Despite the camp size being made up of a smaller number– about 50 people – it made for more opportunities to forge stronger bonds with one another. I was able to make friends from other groups easily. In fact, even now, weeks after the camp, many of us still say a cheery “hi” when we walk past each other on campus. What better feeling than seeing familiar faces around campus at your first year in school?

To top that off, the seniors proved to be extremely friendly and willing to go all out to help us. I remember asking endless questions about bidding and modules, questions to which they always replied patiently. For that, I am glad that I looked beyond my fatigue and dragged myself to camp.

Psych camp has also given me the opportunity to lead a group. I was never a leader in orientation camps because I was never as loud as others, so I was quite surprised that I was so enthusiastic at camp. The orientation groups went around the arts, business and engineering faculties as part of the camp activities. Let me tell you, it was nothing but FUN! Even as I sit here typing, fond memories of how we jumped and ran around just makes me laugh. Doing ‘unglam’ things as a group probably makes up a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. After all, how many times can you get to be a ‘freshie’?

The friendship and memories will always be cherished. It is without a doubt: these are the things that will bring us through the university life.

This entry is specially dedicated to all the ‘snowballers’ and everyone who was at psych camp.

THANK YOU for everything!!! You guys ROCK!!!!!


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