Written by Daphne
Edited by Karina

Although Psych-Seeing Camp 2007 was relatively short compared to other camps, neither the programme nor experience was short-changed. The 3-day-2-night camp was packed with programmes that served to give us a glimpse of life in NUS such as the simulated CORS bidding and Psych-Seeing. We were also definitely given more insight about Psychology through M.S.I (Murder Scene Investigation) and the talks held during the camp. Despite the power-packed schedule, there was no compromise of group-bonding as there was plenty of time in the night as well as breaks in between to allow freshmen to interact with one another as well as seniors.

I’m glad to say that I met wonderful seniors there who really went the extra mile in ensuring that us freshmen were comfortable with the settings. We certainly enjoyed ourselves in the process of learning more about the school as well as the subject field, Psychology. I also made friends that I’m certain would accompany me through my journey in NUS as a Psychology major, as well as seniors that I’d have no qualms about asking for advice.

The unique experience I had in Psych-Seeing 2007 will always be remembered and I’ll always be ready for future psych-seeings!


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