Written by Dennis
Edited by Karina

Devised for like-minded Psychology enthusiasts, Psych-seeing, a three day two night affair was brought forth by the young but ambitious NUSPsyche.

Apart from the usual icebreakers, mass games, group cheers and such, Psych-seeing featured several additions to the itinerary, specially put together for those who hoped to gain an early exposure to the Psychology Department of NUS. The syllabus for Psychology majors, as well as the works to becoming a Psychologist in the long run was but a few of the topics explored in the duration of this camp.

Seniors engaged the campers during an informative Q&A session, providing us with a little glimpse into the future as a Psychology major. From detailed simulations of the CORS bidding exercise (to iron out ambiguity and uncertainty) to how competitive the Psychology industry can be in other developed nations, we were certainly in for a ‘major’ treat (pun totally intended).

The highlight of Psych-seeing, M.S.I., proved itself to be a murder mystery with a twist: with a healthy dose of psychological disorders. In M.S.I, campers were charged with the duty to interrogate 6 different suspects, each displaying a unique psychological dysfunction, ranging from paranoia and schizophrenia to multiple personality disorder. So you can definitely say that we received both practical and not theoretical benefits from this camp.

All in all, the short but mentally stimulating experience was the perfect platform for potential Psychology students looking for a head start in their NUS candidature to network, have a little fun, as well as get acquainted to the close knit family that is NUSPsyche. An enriching experience not to be missed, NUSPsyche has done itself proud with this latest effort to serve the Psychology students of NUS.


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