NUSPsyche event: 31st Aug-1 Sep 2007

Prep Camp’07

Date: 31 August – 1 September 2007 (Friday – Saturday)
Time: 7pm on Fri(please have your dinner early)- 4pm on Sat
Meeting venue: The Psych Table (along AS6 walkway, in front of the NUSPsyche notice board)

Prep Camp’07 is a exciting overnight session for all of you who are interested in being part of the ACTIVE NUSPsyche community as our valued Project Directors or Executive Committee!

Be prepared to test your patience, stamina, communication skills and hone your leadership skills! Besides meeting up with other like-minded people with whom you will most likely be working and having fun with for the next academic year, you will also get to try your hands at planning for an event that may possibly be carried out for this academic year!

Of course, nominees of AGM 2007 are STRONGLY encouraged to sign-up for the prep camp as you will be meeting and working with your potential committee members and also catch a glimpse of what being in the executive committee is all about. The 1st Executive Committee will also be present to address your queries and concerns about the respective positions in the committee.

This camp is NOT a selection process. After prep camp, candidates who are interested in running for the 2nd Executive Committee can still download the nomination form as nominations end on 4th Sep 07.

What to bring/ what not to bring:

  • Dress casually & travel light
  • Bring a set of clothes to change & toiletries (fret not, no water games or anything dirty)
  • More importantly, an open mind

To sign-up, simply send us your
(1) full name,
(2) email address,
(3) handphone number,
(4) year of study and major
to the Project Directors
Darren Yeo (90932477), or Yeo Kwee Ting (96697939). Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact them via email or phone.

Please register by 28 Aug 2007, Tuesday @ 1200hrs.


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