Psych-Seeing Camp 07 – Reflections

Written by Huixuan
Edited by Karina

More than a month has passed…Do you still remember the games we played at psych-seeing camp? I certainly don’t…no offence to the games organizers! =p But here I am, writing an entry on my thoughts of the camp. And it’s all by no coincidence that the gal who wants us to stay 2m away from her is in my group, Sunshine!

The games I could not recall, but what stayed with me even after the camp, is the bond I share with the people at the camp. It is the kind of friendship that says “I’m the one you can count on to be your lecture/ tutorial/ gaming/ eating/ sharing buddy”. And that’s not very far from the truth. Think the weekly b-ball sessions, the Big breakfast at Engin Mac and your lecture buddies. In fact, I often see familiar faces from the camp, gathering together during lectures. There was these two entire rows of seats occupied by you girls (Surong, Chenyeh, Sihui, Yingying…sorry I can’t list all the names here) during PL1101E lecture! Haha

I can still remember the trepidation that filled me on the first day of the camp as I was going to the camp alone. To rub it in, a friend told me that the games they play at psychology camps are mind games. Akin to hypnosis they say. I still can’t believe I fell for that.

But the games turned out to be normal – thank goodness – and I had great fun playing all the games and making new friends while meeting old friends like Kangya, Yanjun and Celia! In a short, the games were a great time to bond with friends, new and old. Unfortunately though, while having fun, I accidentally threw a gigantic water bomb meant for the seniors at a freshie. (So if the poor guy is reading this, I’m really sorry! Blame it on my bad-aiming genes.) The games were memorable nonetheless.

I’m really lucky to be in a really enthusiastic group with cool and funky facilitators. Yay! Sunshine rocks my socks! The camp wouldn’t have been as fun without you guys!

The senior-sharing session was truly priceless as I gained a lot of invaluable tips and information from them. It opened up my eyes to the mountain of choices we have with a good degree in psychology. Whether we choose to be in the educational, clinical, organizational field – the future is there for us psychologists! In fact, the future’s so bright, even if you don’t want to be a psychologist, apparently, you can also take up a career in the F&B industry (that’s exactly what a newly-graduated senior is doing). Put your knowledge of psychology to good use through using the theories at your restaurant, not bad huh?

The final night of the camp ended with a group of us having our own sharing (read: gossiping) session till the wee hours of the day. And it certainly wasn’t in vain because we now have a rough idea of what the criteria each of us has for our ideal partner. *wink*

The end of psych-seeing camp definitely marked a new beginning for all of us, especially the freshies (what with all the bidding, balloting and troubling over which CCA to take up). But it also marked the beginning of many friendships that would lead us through trying periods and hopefully, throughout our entire journey here in NUS! So here’s saying ‘Cheers!’ to all the freshies and seniors who helped make Psyche-Seeing possible, in the best-est way ever!

*This writer does not believe in writing afterthoughts but as she finds out in the writing process, she is actually having fun. So pardon her for this lengthy piece.


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