About NUSPsyche

Who Or What is NUSPsyche?

NUSPsyche [say: nu-psych] stands for the National University of Singapore’ (NUS) Psychology Society, the student-led society for Psychology students.

NUSPsyche is a relatively new society that arose following an administrative reshuffling within the faculty, giving rise to the departments of Psychology and that of Social Work in 2006. The society was formed by a group of Psychology students in February 2006. This academic year, NUSPsyche saw its 4th Executive Committee elected into office at its inaugural Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on 28 August 2009.

What Do We Do?

NUSPsyche is the representative voice and student body for Psychology students. The society seeks to cater to the welfare of Psychology students – making the right connections and providing the best opportunities for the duration of their academic career in NUS.

This year, we aim to foster a sense of belonging in a vibrant society among our members. In addition, we also strive to bring the society to greater heights through more academic and social events.

We Welcome You

NUSPsyche welcomes your feedback and suggestions on the ways we can improve not only as a society but as a community. This site has been set up with the expressed purpose of letting you, members of NUSPsyche and for anybody interested in Psychology, to always be in the loop on our events and more!

Be part of our FAMILY!


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