Recruitment Drive 2007

Date: 23 – 25th Oct

Place: Central Library Walkway

Time: 11am – 4.30pm

NUSPsyche welcomes you to join its ranks as members or one of our sub-committee cells!

Members enjoy priority and discount on our non-exclusive events that are open to the public as well as exclusive events we organize purely for the benefits of our members. For the upcoming year we have planned a visit to the IMH, APA writing skills workshop, career talks, as well as many others. You’ll also have a free welfare pack thats worth the cost in membership alone! Membership is renewed yearly at $3, check out our events tab at the top for more information.


Looking forward to more than the ho-drum of academic life? Do you desire something more enriching? NUSPsyche has a wide range of positions that you can fill. If you have what it takes, come join us in planning and executing events for our members. Along the way you’ll gain valuable experience and skills as we are also looking into sending our comm members for additional training.


Our Business cell is in charge of arranging sponsorship, coordinating fund-raising, and general liason for our events. You’ll be expected to foster and maintain strong ties with our sponsors and also be able to source for contacts. Good management skills and experience are plus points in our book.


Our welfare cell is in charge of coordination and organizing academic and social events. As you’ll be interacting with professionals on a regular basis, and also interacting with our members, you must possess good interpersonal skills and professionalism. Members must be able to approach you and you must be able to initiate interaction with our members to make them feel more comfortable.


Our publicity people are in charge of maintaining the blog and yahoo group, as well as disseminating information down to our masses. They are also in charge of documenting our various events, hence we ask for good IT skills/photography/videography. If thats not your cup of tea we also have content writers who will source and write their own articles in an ezine.


2 thoughts on “Recruitment Drive 2007

  1. Dear AnonymousWe are in the midst of posting the proposed event schedule for the upcoming year, the past events that you see on top are there to give you a better idea of what activities we have in general. We do have newer activities planned that we hope will be of interest to you.But as always we welcome suggestions and proposals and you can even assume the role of a project director with the resources of our society at your disposal if your project is approved. Hope this answers your question!

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