Projected Events of 07/08/09

The Nus Psychology Society has just recently concluded its recruitment drive, but don’t worry membership is still open throughout the year, just approach any of our members or contact us to procure a membership form. Our contact details are available here.

That said we have received a fair bit of inquiries requesting more specifics about the activities we have lined up and so we present to you a detailed lineup of our proposed official program for the year. Note that none of these events are set in stone and as such they are subject to change. On the bright side this means that more events can be added in as well.

This list does not include sub-cell meet ups and extra events that any member of the NUS Psychology Society can propose and take on as the role of Project Director. More info on the PD system coming right up!

Sem1, 07/08

Week 10

recruitment drive

Sem2, 07/08

Week 1 or 2

Back to School Welfare Pack

Week 3 or 4

APA Writing Skills Workshop

Week 6

Valentine’s Day Booth (sales)

Week 7


Week 9 or 10

Career Talk

3 months holiday


Orientation Camp

Sem1, 08/09

Week 1 or 2

Welcome tea

Week 3 or 4

APA Workshop

Week 5 or 6


Midterm break

IMH visit

Week 8 or 9

Human Cluedo (Game)


2 thoughts on “Projected Events of 07/08/09

  1. Hi guys. I noticed 2 APA workshops planned in the upcoming 2 semesters. Is this really necessary? We usually learn how to make APA style reports on our own by refering to textbooks and the internet and this is honestly sufficient. I personally do not see the need to invite a lecturer (I am assuming the course will be conducted by a faculty member like the previous one) to teach something that can be easily found out by any student. Furthermore, something like APA style reports are not something that we have to do regularly (one or two at the end of each semester at most) and will not remember the ‘skills’ taught. Hence we still have to go through our textbooks to make sure all the formatting, styles etc. are correct whenever we have to do them anyways.Maybe you can invite the lecturer to talk about things that will be classified under more informal learning. Examples that go along with the APA workshop idea include, having them talk about how to generate good research ideas or sharing their practices when doing or writing up on their research etc. =)

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