Topic: What is a Psychologist?
Date: Sat 17 Nov
Time: 2 – 3.30pm
Venue: NLB Possibility Room @ Level 5

do psychologists do, and how do we distinguish them from
Dr John Michael Elliott will discuss the non-clinical applications
and make clear their professional and academic roles. Emphasis will
be put on the means by which psychologists are recognised and their
qualifications accepted. The importance of recognition by professional
bodies in the absence of legal registration requirements will be
stressed, and hear him speak on the limitations of ‘pop’ psychology.

To register for the talk:

Please email
Admission fees is $6.
Light refreshments are provided at the end of the talk.

1945, Dr Elliott took his honours degree in experimental psychology,
at Cambridge (UK) in 1967, and his PhD in Sheffield (UK) in 1975. He
joined NUS in 1986 when the Psychology degree was in its first year.
His research interests include the study of cognitive, motor and
social development in children, attitudes to child abuse, and
evolutionary psychology. His experience has included a spell as
Psychologist in the then Ministry of Social Affairs, Singapore (1973-
76), and also as a member of the Panel of Advisers to the Juvenile
Court in that period.

He is a past President of the Singapore Psychological Society, and a
former member of the Bioethics Advisory Committee, Singapore. A
Citizen of Singapore, he currently also serves on the Resource Panel
to the Police Psychological Services Division, The National Medical
Ethics Committee, and Chairs the Research Committee of the Singapore
Children’s Society. He is also President of the Orchid Society of
South East Asia and Editor of the Malayan Orchid Review.


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