Absolut Camp 2009

Hi everyone!

Hope everything’s going smoothly for you in this new semester!

According to the poll that NUS Psyche carried out just last month, many of you have indicated that you would be interested in a self-awareness camp. Hence, this year, NUS Psyche is collaborating with a group of seniors as well as Social Work Society to organise ABSOLUT CAMP, a self-awareness camp where you can learn more about yourself, and hopefully achieve personal growth subsequently. The camp has been a meaningful and enriching experience for many of the seniors, and we hope it would be for you too!

Details are shown below, and do visit www.absolutcamp.blogspot.com to sign up or to know more! There are limited vacancies, so do be quick to register if you’re interested! (:

Here’s wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!

Warmest Regards,
NUS Psychology Society


Absolut Camp is a self awareness camp. Learning about the self is achieved through small group activities and personal reflection. Other challenging and interesting activities in the camp prepare to give you a broad range of experience and opportunities to indulge in self-directed experiential learning.

And more things I enjoy. I enjoy the feeling of sharing amicably with a group of friends, old and new; I like being listened to, and listening to others; and I like that heightened sense of self-awareness that allows me to know just more.

And now I extend this invitation to you. Join us in something meaningful.

If you are ready, or perhaps just want to know a little more, we’re waiting for you at absolutcamp.blogspot.com

Will your mid-term break be a meaningful one?

9852 9470


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