Absolut 2009 is back!


After experiencing some difficulties with the previous camp dates, Absolut is now back! Here’s what the Absolut Committee has to say:

Dear reader!

We have experienced several humps to clear in the past months and i regret to see everything delayed, but at the same time i’m glad to overcome it and learn from it.

The camp will now be a NON-STAYOVER one, although if you want to, can talk to us, see if we can arrange anything. 🙂

It will be held in NUS, from 10am-10pm for the first 2 days, and 10-2pm for the third day.
We are going to make use of food facilities on campus, eating our meals at canteens or eateries nearby.
As such, we’ve slashed the camp fees greatly! to $10.
which is still required and desired, for us to cover a mass dinner that is planned for Day 2 dinner (Sat), and for the logistics that is needed.

We have expanded our recruitment method too. We will be passing hardcopy sign up forms to our friends and their friends to sign up! and the SIGN UP VIA EMAIL option is still available and greatly encouraged!

Logistical and troubleshooting aside, the camp has not changed in its essence. We are still in awe of the things that can be achieved with our programs. I’m still greatly anticipating the sharing and greater understanding that can be achieved. We are still working hard at bringing the best we can to you. And now we really really hope to see you for the camp!!!

So do head down to THE ABSOLUT CAMP WEBSITE to sign up or learn more!


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