Thank You!

Saboteur ’09 was a BLAST!

4 days filled with exciting games and mind-boggling mysteries made the camp AWESOME! Most importantly, the freshmen have come to become a part of the cosy Psychology Family!

Here are some awesome photos from camp!

NUSPsyche would like to take this opportunity to thank:

Firstly, the Camp Committee! For coming together to make this camp happen, you guys rock our world (: The programme was greatttt and we’re sure everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly!

All Perm and Temp Elders! The camp wouldn’t have been possible without your gracious help and enthusiasm! Thanks for taking the time to come down for camp and making the Lords and Ladies feel one with the Psychology community!

Seniors, for always being there for us, rain or shine, and for being a pillar of support for this small but growing family!

Last but not least, our FRESHIES, for your overwhelming response and enthusiasm, for being a super fun bunch to be with, for the love we feel from you guys, and most importantly, for taking this step to be part of our family! (: Admist the hectic school life, let us all be there for one another and share the love yeaaaaa!

Also, if you haven’t already, do join us on Facebook!

Hope you all enjoy your remaining holidays, and don’t forget to look out for familiar faces at THE TABLE (Along AS6 Walkway, in front of the Psychology notice board) during the school term!


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