NUSPsyche Recruitment Drive 2009

We are pleased to announce that NUS Psychology Society is having our annual Recruitment Drive!

It will be held this week from the 14th to 16th October, Weds to Fri. We’ll be at Bench 2, along the Central Library walkway, from 11am to 5pm.

WHY should you join us?

– We are the representative body for Psychology students
– Get to know prospective classmates who are also taking Psychology modules
– Get insider tips from seniors about modules, exams etc
– Participate in social events to catch up with your friends
– Get discounts for upcoming career talks and fairs
– Opportunities to be part of organising committees to value add your resume

Be part of our FAMILY! 😀

Do come down to sign up as members and join us for all sorts of fun activities in the coming Academic Year! Membership forms are available at our booth, so feel free to drop by at the stipulated times. Attached is the membership form, which you can choose to print out and hand it in to us directly at the booth. Note that if you submit your application by email, further arrangements would have to be made regarding payment of membership fees ($5). We would highly encourage members to drop by the booth to make their payment.

On a final note, do visit our website, for a forecast of the activities that we have planned this coming year!

Have a Great Year ahead!

Yours Sincerely
NUS Psychology Society
4th Executive Committee

Click Here to download membership application form


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