CHALET 4-6 January 2010 !!!

Hello everyone!!

Hope everyone had a great holiday (: School is starting real soon and before all the stress gets into everyone again, the NUS Psychology Society would like to invite you to

PsychSoc Chalet!

It will be a great opportunity for everyone to meet up again and have a great time just before school starts!

Seniors and Alumni are also strongly encouraged to join us!! =D

Do take note of the following information:

Date: 4-6 January 2010, Monday-Wednesday

Venue: Fairypoint Bungalow 3, Aloha Changi
Charge: $10 or $5 (for vegetarians only)
RSVP on Facebook:

There will be a BBQ on the second night at 6pm! Everyone is strongly encouraged to stay over (please bring a sleeping bag if you intend to). If there are any questions, please post them on the Facebook event page, or contact our friendly Welfare Director, Elaine at 90254983.

Love and See you there,

the 4th Executive Committee

NUS Psychology Society


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