Welcome back! In this new semester, the NUS Psychology Society has organized for you, a series of talks that will prepare you for the challenges after college! Join us at these sharing sessions! Expect to be enlightened with post-graduate school application skills and discover internships, scholarships, career opportunities and more!

FREE for members and $2 per talk for non-members!

To collect or purchase your entry passes, please approach our booth at Bench 14 (along AS6 walkway, leading towards the Admin Block and Central Library, look out for our black poster), between 1100h to 1600h, from 15th Jan to 22nd Jan. You will be required to leave your name and contact details, in case of emergency, in the event that the venue for the talks has been changed.

Membership application service will also be available at our booth. Membership fee for one academic year will be $5 and you will be issued a complimentary ticket for our talks on the spot.

The details of the talks are as follow:

Speaker 1: Mr Benjamin Ho (Counselling Psychologist)

Mr Benjamin Ho (MBA, MA, M. Divinity, USA) is currently in private practice, and has been a counselling psychologist for more than a decade. He specializes in family and couple counselling, as well as cases involving personal trauma, depression and problems of life transitions. Mr Benjamin Ho is also an adjunct lecturer with NIE, and has spoken at various corporate events.

Date and Time:

18th January 2010 (Mon), 1600h – 1800h


Theatrette 2, Central Library (4th level)


This presentation will focus on the career paths of various psychological specialties in Singapore. Mr Benjamin Ho will also be discussing the various academic and relevant requirements needed in the field of psychology, long-term job prospects, career paths as well as networking opportunities. There will also be a short sharing session by his interns. The audience is encouraged to participate in the Q & A segment with their questions.

Speaker 2: Ms Phyllis Lim & Mr Jason Tan (MOE)

Ms Phyllis Lim is an Educational Psychologist, while Mr Jason Tan is an Associate Psychologist. Both are working in the Education Programmes Division, with the Ministry of Education.

Date and Time:

20th January 2010 (Wed), 1600h – 1800h


Seminar Room, Science Library (4th level)


The Psychological Services Branch of the Education Programmes Division provides local primary schools with resources and training to better equip teachers to help pupils who enter Primary 1 being weak in English language and Mathematics. The two psychologists will share about their experiences working in the ministry and provide insights into the field of educational psychology.

Speaker 3: Ms Pamela Ong and Ms Jennifer Teoh (MCYS)

Ms Pamela Ong is a Senior Psychologist, while Ms Jennifer Teoh is the Assistant Director, of the Clinical and Forensic Psychology Branch, Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports. This division aims to provide comprehensive psychological services to trauma and abuse victims, as well as high risk offenders. In addition, the branch provides provides research, consultation, talks and trainings on various psychological topics.

Date and Time:

21st January 2010 (Thur), 1600h – 1800h


Seminar Room, Science Library (4th level)


The Clinical and Forensic Psychology Branch (formely known as the Psychological Services Unit), MCYS, is a clinical and forensic centre providing psychological services to children, youth and families. The branch will be here to share about its service, as well as the clinical and forensic work that they do.

Speaker 4: A/P Annett Schirmer (NUS)

A/P Annett Schirmer (Dr. rer. Nat.) completed her Ph.D at the Max Planck Institute in Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences. Her research focuses on the perception of emotions in communication. A/P Annett Schirmer’s recent researches have also been published in Brain Research (2007) and Trends in Cognitive Sciences (2006).

Date and Time:

22nd January 2010 (Fri), 1600h – 1800h


Theatrette 2, Central Library (4th level)


A/P Annett Schirmer will talk about research graduate school at NUS and overseas. She will also be sharing tips as on how to get into graduate school and what it is about. Finally, she will introduce you to the career paths open to graduate degree holders with a particular emphasis on academia.

Light refreshments will be served after each session. So what are you waiting for? Buy your tickets now! Kindly look for us at the Arts Walkway (junction between Block ADM and AS6), anytime from 11am to 4pm. We will be there from 14th January to 22nd January 2010. Ticket prices are listed below.


As a gesture of gratitude towards the continual support shown by NUS Psychology Society members, the Psychology Talks 2010 will be provided at no charge for all members i.e. tickets issued will be complementary of NUS Psychology Society.

As for non-members, we would also like to thank you for expressing interest in our events. As such, the charge for each talk has been reduced to a flat fee of $2.

If you have any queries, please feel free to drop us an email at


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