T-shirt Collection and Membership Serialization Drive

Dear NUSPsyche Members,

Thank you for your support in last week’s T-shirt Collection and Membership Serialization Drive! (:

T-shirt Collection

Our T-shirt selling and collection drive is one of first initiatives of its kind undertaken by the new Exco of the Society. The T-shirt design was conceptualized by Eileen Soh (our Assistant Hon Gen Sec), with the aim of fostering a common identity for Psychology students. This was also in response to members’ feedback which indicated that they would like to have a communal shirt to showcase their presence as Psychology majors in the school. We are glad to see that this T-shirt initiative has been well-received, and hope that through further events like “Wear-Your-Psych-Shirt” day, we would be able to build a more cohesive community of Psychology students in NUS.

Membership Serialization

Our membership serialization drive is mainly an administrative effort undertaken by the Society to streamline the Membership Database. The NUSPsyche Membership Card is also a new initiative implemented this semester, with the purpose of officiating the status of our members, while fostering a sense of belonging to the Society. This card would entitle members to exclusive benefits and discounts for Society-organized events and welfare packages. Hence this drive serves to invite older members back to collect their Membership card, as only new members who signed up this semester would have received it.


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