NUSPsyche End Year Gathering 2010

On 17 Dec 2010, a BBQ gathering was held for all graduated and existing members as NUSPsyche celebrates the closure of Year 2010. Organised by the Welfare Committee, it was hoped that all psychology enthusiasts, majors or not, would take this chance to mingle and share their diverse interests with one another. As part of the lucky draw segment, the night saw our very own Welfare Director Anthea Chua walking away with a $30 capitaland voucher; a perfect as-fate-has-it recognition for her efforts towards the society. The 2nd and 3rd prizes went to Penelope and Jie Ying respectively, the former our Ex-President and the latter our Welfare Associate. The same can be said for these two lucky winners of the night. All in all, It had been a good night of chatter and laughter for every one present and NUSPsyche will continue to keep the spirit alive in the year to come.


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