Thank You Everyone!!

Hi everybody!!

The last sharing session of Psychology Talks 2011 officially concluded on the 28th of January 2011. Over the course of the week, NUS Psychology Society invited a total of 5 speakers to speak to our psychology majors about the future that lies ahead of them after graduation. Be it attending a Masters’ course locally or abroad, or even taking up internship opportunities, or even giving our students a glimpse into the everyday life of a practicing psychologist in the field, the speakers covered a lot of ground and depth for the little amount of time given.

The sharing sessions could not be declared a success if not for the support that everyone had shown to us. So I would also like to extend my sincere thanks to each and every single participant. Your presence is a sign of encouragement for us to put in more effort for the future events that will be coming up in the latter half of this semester. Thus I would also wish that everyone can continue supporting NUS Psychology Society in our future events such as IMH visits and Laboratory Tours, all of which would be coming up soon over the next few weeks. So do keep a look out for the E-mails or announcements that we send out for further information!

Also for those who had lectures or tutorials and could not make it to the talks, fret not! We will be uploading the transcripts of the talks as soon as we get them sorted out. So don’t worry about missing out precious snippets of information that was shared, it will all be uploaded for the benefit of everyone.

Eugene Chong
NUS Psychology Society
Academics Director


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