IMH Visit 2011

Areyou keen to enter as a future clinical psychologist?
As a follow up toPsychology talks 2011, NUSPsyche has organised something for you….

IMH visit 2011 is back!

This time it’s on Friday, 18th of February 2011.
It will be from 2.30pm to 4.30pm at IMH@Buangkok Green Medical Park. (For those who has no idea how to get there, I’ve attached the PDF :D)
There’s also a sign up sheet in the mail for you to register with me so I’ll know who to welcome on that day.Lastly, If you find yourself lost, come to the main lobby and I’ll bring you in.So see you there!
P.S. The sign up sheet is only open till the 16th of February, so be quick to sign up! There are really limited spaces available so it’s going to be a first-come-first-serve basis and priority will be for members.

Eugene Chong (Mr)
NUS Psychology SocietyAcademics Director

5th Executive Committee

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