On 18 February 2011, Friday, a group of 30 NUSPsyche members visited the Institute of Mental Health located at Buangkok.

The 2-hour long tour started with an address by the Ms Amalia Castro Huab, the Assistant Manager from the Organisation Excellence Branch. Ms Huab presented interesting statistics of mental illnesses in Singapore and sent a strong message on our social responsibility to curb the rising numbers. We also had the chance to learn more about the workings of IMH and its mission in the healthcare sector from her presentation. Following this was a talk on Longitudinal Youth-At-Risk Study ( LYRIKS ) by Ms Natasha Mitter, an Assistant Psychologist from the Reseach Division. Ms Natasha highlighted the ‘prodomal phase’ in the development of mental illnesses and explained the importance of detecting signs of mental illnesses early. Overall, the talks gave us a better understanding of mental health and its relevance to the functioning of our society.

After a light refreshment, we had the chance to visit several places in IMH. The first stop was the Woodbridge Museum which showcased the history of IMH and how it came to be. Following that, we visited the outpatient clinic B and took a tour in the Children’s Ward, Sunrise Wing. It was probably the highlight of the visit as we were introduced to the daily routine of the warded patients and gained an understanding of their living conditions.
To end off the visit, we were led to the Translational and Clinical Research Centre, where the research study LYRIKS ( as mentioned earlier ) was conducted. There, we had the opportunity to tour the research facilities and were also given an introduction to the research procedure.

Overall, the visit to IMH had been an excellent learning opportunity for all and the 2 hours spent there was definitely worthwhile 🙂 NUSPsyche would like to thank all members who joined us for the visit. If there are any feedback regarding the visit, we welcome you to send them to nuspsyche@gmail.com.
Yours Sincerely,
NUSPsyche 5th ExCo

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