Thank you for Psych Camp 2011 a success!

Psychology Camp ’11: In Operation concluded in July with satisfied faces, newfound friendships and lasting memories.

Campers unite!

The 4D3N camp serves as a platform for like-minded students with an interest in Psychology to interact and bond through fun and games, as well as activities that allow them to know more about the discipline and campus life.

A CORS bidding simulation was held for campers to have a glimpse into how bidding for the modules takes place and to trade bidding know-how and tips. Dr. Michelle See, the NUSPsyche advisor, also gave a talk providing useful insights into the discipline. Helpful seniors added onto the knowledge pool through a sharing session with topics ranging from SEP to campus life to career prospects and work experiences.

Professor’s talk

CORS bidding simulation

Listening attentively to the talks

Seniors’ sharing session

Fun and games are not left out either. Campers are introduced to facilities and amenities around NUS through Amazing Race, where they race from one place to another. Another signature activity of our camp is Murder Investigation where campers are to solve the mystery by gathering clues. MI not only promotes critical thinking and teamwork, campers can also learn more about the different disorders in Psychology. They are then required to put together a skit enacting the entire sequence of events that led to the murder on Finale Night. Finale Night’s yet another highlight where campers can ditch their camp attire temporarily and dress up for a sit-down buffet dinner, while enjoying performances and a video montage.

The cast of MI

Engrossed in watching the performances

The camp concluded with Ribbon Ceremony, an event unique only to Psychology Camp, where all campers are to reflect and share their thoughts and feelings of camp. Each camper then receives a piece of souvenir ribbon, which encapsulates the whole 4D3N of awesome-ness.

4D3N worth of memories

This article was written by Valerie Chang, Assistant Project Director of Psych Camp 2011: In Operation.


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