Prep Camp’11

Dear all,

Prep Camp ’11 is an exciting overnight session for all of you who are interested in being part of the ACTIVE NUSPsyche community as our valued Project Directors or Executive Committee!

Be prepared to test your patience, stamina, communication skills and learn more about group dyamics! Besides meeting up with other like-minded people with whom you will most likely be working and having fun with for this academic year, you will also get to learn more about behind-the-scene work the NUSPsyche Executive Committee engages in!

Nominees of the 6th NUSPsyche ExCo are STRONGLY encouraged to sign-up for the prep camp as you will be meeting and working with your potential committee members and also catch a glimpse of what being in the executive committee is all about. The 5th Executive Committee will also be present to address your queries and concerns about the respective positions in the committee.

This camp is NOT a selection process. After prep camp, candidates who are interested in running for the 6th Executive Committee can still be nominated through submission of nomination forms during the nomination period (till 23 Aug, Tuesday). More details on the nomination process will be sent via email at a later date.

The details of the prep camp are as follow:

Date: 19 Aug 11 – 20 Aug 11 (Fri – Sat)

Time: 7pm on Fri (please have your dinner early) – 12pm on Sat

Meeting venue: ADM block, Level 4 (that air-con place)

To sign up, please send an email to stating the following:

1) Full Name

2) Email Address

3) Handphone Number

4) Year of Study and Major (or intended major)

5) Intention to run for 6th exco? [Don’t worry, saying yes only indicates your interest to run, you are quite free to change your mind later on]

Do note that the last date for registration is 18 Aug 2011 (Thursday), 10pm. Only registrants are allowed to participate in Prep Camp. Walk-ins are not allowed.

Participants will be provided with further information on Prep Camp, so do watch out for our email.

If you have any queries, please contact Wynne @ 96720030 or send an email to

Warmest Regards,

5th Executive Committee

NUS Psychology Society =D

PS. You are very much welcomed to join even if you do not run for the 5th Exco, however, do note that priority would be given to those who do intend to run.

PPS. Due to the timing and the nature of the activities, please be informed that participants will get little, if any, sleep through the program.

PPS. This is a training cum leadership camp. So no, there will not be any wet games. We promise that you will not get dirty. Sweaty maybe, but not dirty.

What to bring:

§ Dress casually & travel light

§ Bring a set of clothes to change & toiletries (fret not, no water games or anything dirty)

§ Sleeping Bag

§ A pen and notebook

§ More importantly, an open mind


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