Suicide Awareness Campaign; One Last Breath by CHAT

Since World Mental Health Day falls in the month of October, the Community Health Assessment Team (CHAT) from IMH is holding a suicide awareness campaign titled “One Last Breath” from 21st Oct to early Dec 2011.

The campaign sets out to raise awareness amongst youths over the imperative to communicate when feeling suicidal or having suicidal thoughts, as it is believed that suicide can be prevented with open communication and the lifting of stigmatisation to mental health issues.
All of you are invited to participate in the T-shirt Design Contest which is part of the campaign. The T-shirt designs should carry a message of hope and encouragement, of which could remind those who may have suicidal thoughts or behaviors to reconsider their actions. You stand to win prizes such as the Macbook Pro, Wacom tablet, iPad 2, and even H&M vouchers. An exhibition will also be held to display the Top 20 entries where the designs will be printed on shirts.
Alternatively, you could also participate in their Online Message Contest titled “What would you say to them?” in which you pen some words of encouragement to messages which arose from their focus groups. The best comment made would stand to win H&M vouchers.
Please show your support for the campaign! 😀
For more information about the campaign, do visit their website.

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