Welcome back! In this new semester, the NUS Psychology Society has organized for you, a week-long series of talks that will prepare you for the challenges after college!

Join us at these sharing sessions! Expect to be enlightened with graduate school application skills and discover internships, career opportunities and more!

FREE for NUSPsyche members and $2 per talk for non-members!

To purchase your tickets, please visit our booth along the AS1 Walkway between 11am to 4pm, from 25 Jan (Wed) to 27 Jan 2012 (Fri). You will be required to indicate the talks that you wish to attend and leave your name and contact details, so that we will be able to contact you for event-related announcements.
Psychology Society membership application will also be available at our booth. Lifetime membership is priced at $5 and you will be issued a membership card and complimentary ticket for our talks on the spot.

Ticket Prices

To thank our members for their continuous support, complimentary tickets to the Psychology Talks 2012 will be provided at no charge for all members of the NUS Psychology Society. Kindly collect your complimentary tickets at our booth on ticket sale days (11am to 4pm, from 25 Jan to 27 Jan 2012)
For non-members, we would also like to thank you for expressing interest in our events. As such, the charge for each talk will be at a flat fee of $2.
If you have any queries, please email us at

Speaker Lineup

Day One (6-8pm, Monday 30/01/12)

Day Two (7-9pm, Tuesday 31/01/12)

Day Three (6-8pm, Wednesday 01/02/12)

Day Four (6-8pm, Thursday 02/02/12)

Day Five (6-8pm, Friday 03/02/12)


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