Post event – Psychology Talks 2012

Hi everyone,

Psychology Talks 2012 has been a success and we would like to thank the following organizations and the speakers for the very informative talks and sharing of their experiences:

Singapore Prisons Service: Mr Cheng Xiang Long

Psychological Services Branch (MOE): Ms Phyllis Lim, Ms Evelyn Koh

Psychological Assessment Research Branch (MOE): Ms Lin Nian Ying

Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS): Mr Dominic Chong, Ms Karen Sik

Home Team Behavioral Sciences Centre (HTBSC): Ms Whistine Chai

For everyone’s convenience, transcripts from the talks have been made available in the links above. =D

Also, many thanks to all of you who have attended Psychology Talks 2012. We appreciate your support and the feedback given.

We hope that you’ll continue to support our upcoming events.

Warm Regards,
NUS Psychology Society


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