Psych Camp 2012

Hello everyone!

Remember the seniors who brought you around and took care of you when you attended NUS PsychCamp’11 as a freshie last year?

Would you like to make a difference as a senior, by guiding this year’s freshies during activities and sharing with them your amazing university experiences?

Or… did you miss our Psychology Camp last year and would like to join this year’s camp as a facilitator to have a feel of how it is like?

Sign up now to be a camp facilitator!

Camp Facilitators


  • Promote bonding and interaction within the camp group by initiating games and cheers while getting to know the campers better
  • Ensure welfare and safety of all campers in the group at all times during the camp
  • Facilitate and ensure the successful implementation of activities during the camp
  • Organize post-camp group outings to maintain bonding

Requirement: Able to commit for all days of the camp, including the

·         Pre-camp on 8th  and 9th June.

·        Actual camp: 3rd July to 6th July 2012 with Day 0 starting on 2nd July.

How to sign up?

Click on this link below and fill up the form:
We will contact you again soon! (End April or Early May) Please check your emails and SMS regularly.

Help us spread the word to your friends and get them to sign up as facilitators as well! (:

If you have any enquiries, feel free to contact:
Adeline (Admin): 8100 7831

Zeng Hui(Admin): 9836 7532

Or email to

Let’s all come together and make Psychology Camp 2012 a fun-filled and memorable camp for our new batch of freshies! 😀

——————————–Brief Intro to Psych Camp 2012—————————

Psychology Camp 2012- Operation: Power Up!

Since 2006, NUS Psychology Society has been holding our Freshman Orientation Camp annually, providing a platform for freshmen to get to know like-minded peers and seniors and familiarize themselves with NUS and FASS, gaining exposure to the discipline of Psychology at the same time. More importantly, it is a camp which aims to promote the forging of bonds which will serve as a foundation for the friendships made in the rest of the campers’ university years and even in their future careers.

Since its initiation, the hallmarks of our camps consist of the exciting Murder Investigation as well as the CORS simulation session conducted by friendly seniors, which have proven to be well-received over the years. It is also our tradition to end off the camp with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, where everyone takes home a piece of ribbon, signifying the bonds fostered during camp.

This year’s 4D3N camp embodies the theme Superheroes, hence the name  “Operation: Power Up!”. Split into groups led by enthusiastic seniors, we believe that the incoming Year One’s will benefit from the exciting and fun activities we have arranged for them.

We look forward to your support. 😀


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