Freshmen Assistance Session

Dear Freshmen,
As Semester 1 of AY2012/2013 approaches, you may start to worry about CORS bidding and wonder how to secure your modules for your first semester in NUS. You may also have several unanswered questions pertaining to Psychology as a major.
To ease your transition into University life, NUS Psychology Society is organizing a Freshmen Assistance Session to guide you as you bid for your modules for the first time in Round 1C and answer any queries you may have. Come join us! Feel free to invite your friends along, especially if they are interested to major in Psychology too! 😀
Freshmen Assistance Session
Date: 2 August 2012, Thursday
Time: 10am to 4pm 
(You are not required to stay throughout.)
Venue:Psychology Society Room
BLK ADM Level 2 Student Societies’ Rooms 

(First room on your right after entering the black gate)

If you are coming to the session for assistance with CORS bidding, kindly come prepared with the following:

– Your own laptop (fully-charged)

– Your laptop charger
A list of at least 5 modules that you want to take in this upcoming semester
Your NUSNET ID and password
Feel free to contact us if you have any queries or if you are not able to find the venue.
Annabel – 9841 5590
Jia Hui – 9668 5054
See you there on 2 August!
Warm Regards,
NUS Psychology Society
Disclaimer: This session is an initiative organized by the NUS Psychology Society, not the Psychology Department. We are unable to guarantee that you will get the modules that you want through this session, but will try to provide assistance and advice to the best of our abilities! 🙂

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