Prep Camp!

If you have the 
desire to serve, and the passion to lead, then WE WANT YOU!!!
Prep Camp ’12 is an exciting overnight session for all of you who are interested in being part of the ACTIVE NUSPsyche community as Project Directors and/or Executive Committee members!

As part of a continuous process of leadership renewal, the NUS Psychology Society will be running Prep Camp 2012 over the course of a Friday evening (31st Aug, 7.30pm) and the subsequent Saturday noon (1st Sept).

Prep Camp seeks to provide participants with an opportunity to engage in team building activities, leadership role-play scenarios, as well as exciting mental and physical challenges within a broader framework of personal discovery and socialization with peers of similar (or diverse!) interests.

Individuals keen on running for the 7th Executive Committee are encouraged to sign-up for Prep Camp as it will be an opportunity for you to work with potential committee members and get a taste of how it is like working in the Executive Committee. Members of the 6th Executive Committee will also be present to address any queries and concerns about the various leadership positions in the committee.

Do note, however, that Prep Camp is NOT a selection test*. Individuals intending to run for the 7th Executive Committee must put forth their candidature via a separate nomination process. More details on the nomination process will be sent via email at a later date.

Details for Prep Camp are as follows:

Date: 31 Aug 12 (Fri) – 1 Sep 12 (Sat)

Time: 7.30pm on Fri (please have dinner before coming) – 12 noon (approx.) on Sat

Meeting venue: BLK ADM, Level 4 Lobby

What to bring:

§ Dress casually & travel light
§ Bring a set of clothes to change & toiletries (fret not, no water games or anything dirty)
§ Sleeping Bag
§ A pen and notebook
§ More importantly, an open mind

Please click HERE to sign up for Prep Camp 2012. Do note that the deadline for Prep Camp registration is  29 Aug 2012 (Wed), 10pm. Only registered individuals will be allowed to participate in Prep Camp. Walk-ins participants are not allowed.

Following registration, further information on Prep Camp will be provided via email. For queries, contact Ben []

* Participation in Prep Camp, while highly recommended, is neither a necessary nor sufficient condition for election to the 7th Executive Committee.

PS: Due to the compressed timeframe of the activity line-up, participants may get little, if any, sleep.
This is not an orientation camp, there will not be any wet games. We promise that you will not get dirty. Sweaty maybe, but not dirty.


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