Ministry of Social and Family Development

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Remember the academic talks you have attended a few months back in NUS?

Have you forgotten what you have been told during that talk?? Or have you missed out the talks? FRET NOT! From today onward, we will be posting the minutes taken during the career talks!

First up will be…

Ministry of Social and Family Development

What is Clinical and Forensic Psychology Branch (CFPB)?

  • Have both clinical and forensic psychologists
  • Different teams in MSF, tackling different areas
    • Trainings for the police, therapy services provided to people who had been abused etc.

Services provided by MSF: 

 Services for trauma an abuse recovery (STAR)

  • Provide services and assessments for victims
    • Assess victim’s risk to himself and to others

Forensic Health Services (FHS)

  • Deal with offenders , work with them in the community settings
  • Offenders are of both genders, from prison and homes
  • Assessed each offenders’ mental health status
  • Treatment provided for violent, theft etc

Research and Programme Evaluation (RPE)

  • Research on various social issues
    • Eg. The rates of recovery after abuse
    • Research in the field of clinical and forensic psychology research based on local context
    • Provide advice and counseling services to different professions in terms of skills management

MSF’s Partners?

  • Provide services to various ministries
    • Eg. Work closely with police forces in forensic interviews
    • Collaborates with FCPW, Voluntary Welfare
    • National care system
      • Psychological services provided in face of crisis

  Who are MSF’s clients?

  • Children, adolescents and adults
    • Eg, people who suffered from trauma abuse
  • Clients’ can have different behaviors
    • Sexual, violent abuses

 How do we tackle offenders?

  • Knowledge from international theories or regulations will be applied to tackle and help those offenders
  • Offenders often have various psychological disorders, hence different professionals will work in teams to assist the offenders

What is required from the psychologist?

  • Understand the client’s situations or circumstances
  • Good clinical skills
  • People-oriented
  • Good social and communication skills
  • Team player
  • Resilient (Able to accept grey areas)
  • Multi-tasking
  • Efficient
  • Good research skills

Benefits of working in MSF

  • You are provided with an opportunity to work in various fields (counseling, research etc.)

  What are the assessment services provided by MSF?

  • Sexual offending risk assessment, suicide risk assessment etc.

Training and career advancement opportunities provided

  • Overseas attachments and trainings
  • Overseas conferences


  • Post-grad qualifications
  • At least master in clinical/ forensic psychology
  • Relevant experience in clinical/ forensic settings
  • Good report-writing skills (for courts, for officers etc.)/ Interpersonal skills
  • Internship experiences beneficial
  • Able to work in a multidisciplinary team

 Is MSF only hiring masters graduates – yes

We hope that you will find the above information relevant and applicable.

Next up will be…


Stay Tune!

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