8th Executive Committee Nomination

Exconom111 (1)

Dear NUSPsyche Members,

Thank you for your support for Psychology Society in AY2012/2013!

(1) Nominations of Office Bearers for 8th ExCo

It has come to the time when the 7th NUSPsyche Executive Committee will step down and the 8th Executive Committee step up to serve all of you.

From 19 August (Friday) to 26 August 2013 (Monday),1300 hrs, nominations for the 8th ExCo will be open.

If you have someone in mind to nominate, or would like to step up and nominate yourself, please download the nomination form, fill it in, and submit it to the NUS Psychology Society Mailbox, located at Psychology Department AS4 Level 2 (together with the Professors’ mailboxes), anytime during the nomination period. Please note that the link to download the nomination forms will only be released during the nomination period. The link will be released via our website, mailing list and facebook page.

Some positions that you can consider are as follows:
Honorary General Secretary
Assistant Honorary General Secretary
Honorary Treasurer

Directors (Proposed):

Academic Director
Welfare Director
Director of (Choice)

All nominations will require a seconder (preferably from the 7th Executive Committee) and to be submitted in hardcopy to our Psychology Mailbox together with a digital photo online. Details of submission can be found on the nomination forms itself.

If you have the passion to serve and to lead, join us now! 

If you have any queries regarding the nominations for the 8th Executive Committee, feel free to contact:

Yu Xin 98583043  secretary@nuspsyche.org

We look forward to receiving your nominations!



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