THE REVAMP: a Brand new NUS Psychology Society

NUS Psychology Society: THE REVAMP

Dear members,

As you all know, NUS Psychology Society has undergone a change in its Executive Committee and we are happy to say that there are many things to come in the upcoming weeks and semester for all our members.

For the past week, you may have seen several teasers hinting at revamp of NUS Psychology Society and today, on the 10th October 2013, we proudly unveil a whole new look for all of you!

Firstly, we have a brand new logo and image for NUS Psych Soc! The logo depicts a geometric and modern twist to the traditional Psi logo, with 6 distinct parts. These 6 parts represent the 5 core domains of Psychology (Biological, Cognitive, Developmental, Social and Abnormal) as well as the Applied field of Psychology. We feel that what each colour represents should be defined by you, based on your personal liking. So have fun and define what NUS Psych Soc means to you! 🙂

Secondly, NUS Psychology Society is now on Instagram! This new social platform would capture all the wonderful moments we share together as NUS Psych Soc members during all our events and also inform you first-hand on what is to come! Also, learn more fun facts of Psychology through photos which we will put up every now and then. So follow us today @nuspsychsoc!

Thirdly, we have crafted a whole new look for our website This new layout shows larger photos and presents a more minimalistic and clean look. In addition, we have also launched a beautiful new online gallery at, letting you view all of the major activities planned by NUS Psychology Society, which we hope you would be part of too. 🙂

Lastly, do look out for an upgraded look of our new noticeboard located along the AS1-AS6 walkway for event updates and other interesting things to come! Like our Facebook page (which also has a new look) TODAY!

Following this major revamp, our bazaar is also coming up on the 21st and 22nd of October so do come down to the Central Forum from 9am to 6pm on both days to shop!

We thank all of you for your support and see you all soon!

NUS Psychology Society


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