Nominations of Office Bearers for the 9th EXCO‏

Dear members,

Thank you for your support for thus far! We hope you enjoyed the events we have organised in the past academic year.

The time has come for the 8th Executive Committee to step down so that others would get a chance to take up our positions.


Nominations for the 9th Executive Committee will be open from now till 26 August 2014 (Tuesday) 1800 hrs.

If you have someone in mind to nominate, or would like to step up and nominate yourself, please download the nomination form by clicking the arrow below, fill it in, and submit it to the NUS Psychology Society Mailbox, located at Psychology Department AS4 Level 2 (together with the Professors’ mailboxes), anytime during the nomination period. More submission details can be found in the nomination forms itself.


If you have the passion to serve and to lead, join us now!

Interested parties are strongly encouraged to approach the 8th Executive Committee member who is currently holding the position(s) he/she is interested in to learn more about the job scope and workload involved. Emails of the 8th Executive Committee can be found at

Potential nominees are also encouraged to join Preparation Camp 2014. The camp is meant to allow you to learn more about teambuilding and leadership while getting to know others who might be your future committee members. Sign up now at

Please direct any other queries you might have to

We look forward to receiving your nominations!

NUS Psychology Society


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