Preparation Camp 2014


Interested in learning more about leadership and teamwork?
Having thoughts about taking up a leadership position?
Thinking of running for a position in our 9th Executive Committee but feeling unsure and unprepared?

HERE’S YOUR CHANCE! Join us at Preparation Camp 2014

This camp not only aims to impart the skills involved in a leadership role, it also serves as a platform to know more about our society as well as to make more friends!

If you are contemplating running for our 9th Executive Committee or just want to find out more, you are most welcome to join us. Those interested in running for the 9th Executive Committee are strongly encouraged to take up this chance learn about leadership and team building skills as well as to know others who might be your future committee members!

So what are you waiting for?

Sign up now for the chance to learn and socialize:

Registration deadline: 21st August 2014 (Thursday) 2100hrs.

Looking forward to see you at the preparation camp!


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