Welcoming the 10th Executive Committee

Dearest Members of the NUS Psychology Society,

After our Annual General Meeting on the 3rd of September and Internal Elections on the 6th, we are proud to present to you the 10th Executive Committee who will be serving you in AY15/16!

Chan Tsin Damien President president@nuspsyche.org
Teng Tao Xuan Dorothy Vice-President vicepresident@nuspsyche.org
Ong Shu Qing Julia Treasurer treasurer@nuspsyche.org
Ng Siew Zhen Jeslyn Honorary General Secretary nuspsyche@gmail.com
Ong Wei Jie Assistant Honorary General Secretary secretary@nuspsyche.org
Ye Zhao’en Director of Academics academics@nuspsyche.org
Lee Jia Ying Trena Director of Publicity publicity@nuspsyche.org

In this new academic year, you can be sure to look forward to the usual Psychology Appreciation Week, Academic Talks, Lab Tours and the annual Psychology Camp. One of our directions this year is to cater to as many members of the Society as possible, so we will be introducing initiatives from post-graduate mentoring for the graduating seniors to specialised topical talks for interested juniors. Through this, we hope to allow all of our members to interact with each other and share valuable experiences.

Of course, the 10th Executive Committee will not be able to achieve our fullest potential without your help. Psychology is a huge major in FASS, but that’s no reason to stop us from forming a close-knit community where close friendships can be forged and resources can be shared. To help us serve you better, we will truly appreciate your participation in events and, more importantly, your feedback about them. These events are specially planned to benefit our members in terms of knowledge and experience, as well as to enhance your journey in pursuing Psychology as an undergraduate here in FASS, so feel free to sign up and we look forward to seeing you there!

If you are interested in expanding your horizons beyond what you learn in lessons, members are welcome to volunteer at our events with organisations we have partnerships with such as the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) and the Institute of Mental Health (IMH). We will also be recruiting committee members for Psychology Camp from December 2015 to February 2016, so stay tuned for that!

Please continue to support us this new academic year. Let us know your interest in contributing or offer us your valuable feedback and suggestions by sending an email to nuspsyche@gmail.com. We wish you all the best in this academic year!

Do check out the 10th Executive Committee President Message as well, which is available here.

Best Regards,
Chan Tsin Damien (Mr)
NUS Psychology Society
10th Executive Committee


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