Inspire.Psych 2016

Hi everyone!

We’re happy to announce the launch of a new initiative, called Inspire.Psych. This will be a series of talks similar to Ted Talks, but about Psychology topics that are not offered as part of the NUS curriculum!

This sem, we are offering two talks: How to Attract the Love of your Life by Kelvin Teng, and The Right of Language by Dr. Travellia. Do refer to their respective posters for the timings and locations of each talk. For those interested, please sign up at as there are limited slots. We will send you a confirmation email as well. More details about the talks are below.

How to Attract the Love of your Life:
You have studied, or are going to study, social psychology. Why do we like some people and not others? What is love and what makes people fall in love with each other? Those are a few questions you will probably explore in the course. In this talk, learn how to link lectures with life and answer this particular question “How do I attract the love of my life?”


The Right of Language:
We have known for a long time that the left hemisphere of the brain is involved in various language functions (most notably, in speech as well as comprehension). In this talk, I will go over some research findings that showed the right hemisphere’s roles in language. I would like to highlight the importance of having a balanced look at both of the hemispheres to better understand the relationship between language functionalities and the brain.



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