Annual General Meeting 2016

Dear Psychology Society Members…
10th Executive Committee; 9th September; 8 more days to go; 7 exco members; 6 people we’ll miss; 5 official meetings; 4, 3, 2, 1; on to the 11th Executive Committee!
Time passes so fast doesn’t it? Thank you so much for your amazing support for all our events for AY2015/2016. We received so many sign-ups for the 11th Executive Committee that we were literally swamped with interviews for the past week!
So it’s time for us to pass on the baton to the new batch. But before that, you have to vote! And every vote counts, and goes towards the new 11th Executive Committee who will shape Psychology Society for AY2016/2017… so choose wisely! ;D
Hence, we would like to invite all our members to the last event of the 10th Executive Committee, the Annual General Meeting 2016! It’ll be held on 9th September, Friday, 6.30pm at LT14. We’ll be giving you updates on what we have done in our term, and what you can expect in the upcoming year. We will also be holding the annual Executive Committee elections to elect our new office bearers. All members who will be attending will be entitled to decide who to be selected for the upcoming committee.
And we know ya, we heard ya… there will be FOOD.
See you there! (:
NUS Psychology Society

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