Goodbye, 10th Executive Committee


*mic drop*
Okay, okay we’re kidding. We’ll pick it up. No littering, members!
The Annual General Meeting has just ended, and the new 11th Executive Committee has been revealed. Look forward to the next e-mail blast, where the 11th Exco will introduce themselves and their roles to you. Please do continue supporting Psychology Society and the 11th Exco in the following semesters.
As the 10th Executive Committee, this will be our last e-mail to you. ):
But of course, you guys wouldn’t want to read a long chunk of text of us saying goodbye right? So we’ll just get to the point and say: thank you so much for supporting us in the past year. Despite all the blood, sweat, and tears, we really enjoyed planning events and helping Psychology Society to grow further.
Without further ado, we bid you goodbye, as your 10th Executive Committee:
From L-R: Teng Tao Xuan Dorothy (Vice-President), Ong Wei Jie (Assistant Honorary General Secretary),
Ng Siew Zhen Jeslyn (Honorary General Secretary), Lee Jia Ying Trena (Director of Publicity),
Chan Tsin Damien (President), Ye Zhao’en (Director of Academics), Ong Shu Qing Julia (Honorary Treasurer)

Till we meet again,
10th Executive Committee,
NUS Psychology Society