Inspire Psych Talk 2 will be on 8 Feb ’17, 6-730pm @ CLB Theatrette 2

In this talk, we will consider the biosemiotic (production and interpretation of signs and codes in the biological realm) position: What distinguishes human beings most from their fellow animals is our species’ very specific way of understanding and using signs. One powerful difference in degree, rather than in kind, helps explain human being’s continuity with, and unique difference from, all other animals.

 Dr Favareau earned his BA in Philosophy and his PhD in Applied Linguistics with an emphasis on the Neurobiology of Language from UCLA in 2004 and had been teaching at the NUS University Scholars Programme ever since. He is the author of numerous scholarly articles and book chapters on Biosemiotics, and is the Vice-President of the International Society of Biosemiotics

Sign up at by 6 Feb! Admission is free. (Walk-ins will be allowed but subjected to limited seating)

SEE U THERE 😀inspire-psych-2


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