Members’ Bonding Session

A few weeks ago, NUS Psychology Society had a Members’ Bonding Session to introduce our Psychology Society members to each other and help them bond via fun dry games at Siloso Beach, Sentosa. At the same time, we hope to instil a sense of belonging in the society by providing an opportunity for members to interact with one another, as well as promote an inclusive society by increasing outreach to members through the event.

The event went smoothly according to plan, and we are happy that despite the low turnout, those who came enjoyed themselves. Here’s a sneak peek of what went down:

Our first game for the day was the sandcastle-making contest. Each team would have to make the tallest sandcastle in a timed-trial, and for each given time, there are mini challenges.

99da6c57-fb51-44a8-901f-fc9bab801280The first group in the Members’ Bonding Session, featuring their beautiful sandcastle well-decorated with colourful flowers and ornaments.

6ced5124-6e9f-42f9-b309-aebe503a8febThe second group, featuring their relatively taller sandcastle with such pristine designs and our handsome president, Zhi Hao.

Following the sandcastle contest, we took a short break and played the next game, that was to build a tower/castle of cards.

03a363b3-148a-458b-8e1b-e06482770b8cOne of the teams with their beaming faces after completing the game.

We ended off the event with a picture of everyone. We would like to thank every single member for coming down on a Saturday and being enthusiastic about playing our games. Hope to see you again and do look forward to more of the society’s events!


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