St. Andrew’s Adult Home Visit 2019

We went down to the newly refurbished St Andrew’s Adult Home in Seng Kang which is built to meet the needs of adults with autism. SAAH provides long-term residential and respite care services that centre on three core development goals — Daily Living Skills, Communal Living Skills, Emotional Behavioural Management.

We were shown extensively by various speakers of the event how the Adult Home functions to best serve the demands of persons with autism. We also got to see the actual living environment of the clients which compose of are shared common living dining space, with multiple separate bedrooms. Furthermore, we seen firsthand how the health staffs and social workers provide assistance and care for the residents to ensure that they are able to carry on living meaningful lives. We are inspired by the dedication of the team of caretakers and we gained a deeper perspective on to the day to day job of a healthcare worker in SAAH.

Finally, some of the staffs gave us an overview of the actual job scope. An associate psychologist working full time in SAAH taught us about how they apply the knowledge that they have learnt from psychology in their work. For instance, psychologists working in SAAH provide assistance in managing and assessing the various clients. They conduct risk evaluations, triages as well as case formulation for each of the clients living in SAAH.

Overall we gained a deeper insight onto the workings of SAAH. Thank you SAAH for being a gracious host that provided much hospitality and gave us a wider perspective on the mental health scene in Singapore.

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