PAW 2019

We organised our early tradition of Psychology Appreciation Week in November 2019! It was a fun filled event that allowed many students to express their appreciation to the helpful staffs working in Psychology Department.

We had our welfare pack distribution which was cleared out very quickly during the event. During the welfare pack collection, psychology majors who visit the booth are given the opportunity to pen down their appreciation for their professors and faculty members on Post-it notes. These appreciation notes will be given to the respective professors or the Psychology Department at the end of the event.

Also, a photo booth was set up during the event for psychology society members to take lovely pictures. By taking pictures in our photo booth, members got to participate in the “Instagram Grand Draw”. All members need to do is to just have to post their pictures of themselves at the photo booth on Instagram while tagging NUS Psychology Society in the post. Furthermore, for every psychology society’s merchandise  (i.e. shirt and lanyard) visible in the photo, the member will receive an additional chance in the lucky draw.

Overall, it was a fun filled an exciting event that the we are proud to organise every year! We hope to see you guys in the next PAW!

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