Module Reviews

NUS Psych Soc Mod Reviews is back!!! 🤩

Have you taken any PL mods? Help us by submitting your mod review! Your reviews will greatly help your peers learn more about the modules they are taking or are planning to take 📚. In your reviews, you are strongly encouraged to include information such as module workload, difficulty, textbooks used, the lecturer’s style of teaching or any other comments or advice you would like to share with your peers! Your reviews will be published on our website. You can review ANY PL coded mods (e.g. PL1101E, PL2131, PL3102 or even 4K and 5K mods). You can check out the current module reviews published on our website by going to the menu and clicking on “Module Reviews” or click here to access the module review site!

⭐️ It only takes 5 mins to complete the review form and you can choose to review anonymously! ⭐️

You can access the review form using this link:

Thank you in advance for your reviews!


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