About us


The NUS Psychology Society was established in 2006 to cater to the welfare of Psychology students. The main objectives of the society are to promote and encourage the study of the social sciences with particular emphasis on the course of Psychology by means of forums, talks, dialogue sessions organised in cooperation with related societies. Suitable programmes to introduce students into Psychology are regularly run to promote the wellbeing of members generally by means of organising social and recreational activities to foster co-operation and goodwill. On top of that, the Society seeks to foster a greater awareness in mental health through dialogue sessions and volunteering opportunities


We aim to foster a sense of belonging in a vibrant society among our members. In addition, we also strive to bring the society to greater heights through more academic and social events.

We organise events such as psychology camp, tea sessions, career sharing sessions, alumni sharing sessions, site visits, volunteering opportunities, academic talks, welfare pack distributions and social events