President’s Message

13th Executive Committee President’s Message

Dear Psychology Society members!

A warm hello to all of you. A new term, new start, and a new exco! I would like to thank the 12th Exco for the commitment and hard work they have contributed over the past year, and we wish them all the best in their future endeavours! At the same time, it is with great pleasure that I introduce you, the 13th Executive Committee.

To all members of Psychology Society, we would like to thank you for the ongoing support which you have shown us. To date, Psychology Society has been functioning as a bridge between existing members and the Psychology Department and other external organisations. As the newly elected Exco of the Psychology Society, we are looking to foster a sense of belonging within our members, and to increase outreach to more students. As such, we are looking to get our members more involved, so do look out for sub comm recruitments and our various informal activities that are coming your way!

If you missed out last year’s trips to IMH, SAAC, or Prison visits, fret not, as we will be bringing them all back this year! Making a return to our long list of events for you is InspirePsych, where we invite speakers to talk about psychology topics, of which some are not taught in our modules. Also, be sure to check out this year’s Psychology Appreciation Week (PAW), as we will be distributing welfare packs and having various activities such as Wear-Your-Psych-Shirt day and lucky draw. We will also be inviting our alumni and distinguished speakers for Alumni conversations, Career Sharing Sessions and the yearly UniPsychSymposium. These talks will be extremely helpful if you are as blur of a freshie as I was 😦

To stay up to date with all of our events and enjoy discounted rates, do join as a member through the link for a mere $5! As a member, you will be given priority to our events, and this membership lasts for a life time, which means that you can still participate in events even after you graduate! We warmly welcome anyone with an interest in Psychology to join, regardless of major. Do also look out for our upcoming Telegram channel for announcements on the events of our society. We will be using this as a platform secondary to our email blasts to keep our members in the loop as well. If you have any questions or initiatives, do direct them to! Finally, we would like to wish all of you the best for the academic year, and see you at our events!

Best regards,

LIM Zhi Hao (Mr)

NUS Psychology Society


13th Executive Committee


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