10th Executive Committee President’s Message

Welcome to the official website for NUS Psychology Society!

The society is a student-led body that acts as a bridge between students in FASS studying Psychology, Psychology major alumnus, the Psychology Department as well as various external organisations. Its goal is to foster a cohesive community with an interest in all things pertaining to the broad field of Psychology. The Society not only organises events such as talks and tours related to Psychology, but also strives to promote the welfare of our members.

This year, Psychology Appreciation Week (PAW) makes its return once in each semester. Comprising Wear-Your-Psych-Shirt Day, Welfare Pack Distributions and Appreciation Letters to Staff, PAW is the period to show pride and gratitude for the major that we love and the people in them. Prison tours, IMH tours and Lab tours will also be lined up for those who are interested in what goes on behind closed doors. Talks and seminars this year are also coming back, only bigger and better. Apart from the usual annual Academic Talks, NUS Psychology Society is also working with the Duke-NUS Cognitive Neuroscience Lab to organise specialised topical talks relating to cognitive neuroscience and – hold your breath – more internship opportunities! With so many activities to look forward to, do keep a look out on this space and our Facebook page for registration details.

Of course, only members will have priority access to these events. The good news is that if you’re not a member, all you need to do is send an email to nuspsyche@gmail.com requesting for membership at your convenience and a lifetime membership that entails priority access to events, first-hand information about internships and volunteering opportunities, and an invitation to attend the Annual General Meeting is yours for only $5! We gladly welcome all NUS students, regardless of their major, into the Society, so we hope you would join us soon!

Joining us as a member automatically places you in our mailing list. Unfortunately, if you are not a member, in light of the new Personal Data Protection Act, we are unable to send information of events without your prior consent. If you are interested in receiving information regarding volunteer opportunities, internships and other Psychology related events, please send an email to nuspsyche@gmail.com to indicate your permission to subscribe to our mailing list.

If you’re thinking of spending your time in a meaningful way during your university life, members are welcome to volunteer at our events with organisations we have partnerships with such as the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) and the Institute of Mental Health (IMH). We will also be recruiting committee members for Psychology Camp from December 2015 to February 2016, so stay tuned for that!

Please continue to support us this new academic year. Let us know your interest in contributing or offer us your valuable feedback and suggestions by sending an email to nuspsyche@gmail.com. We wish you all the best in this academic year!

Best Regards,
Chan Tsin Damien (Mr)
NUS Psychology Society
10th Executive Committee
Email: president@nuspsyche.org